Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, October 26

Hello All!!!

We made it back from Paris today in one piece (although very tired pieces :-)

We had a great time and saw a ton of the sites (including Paris Disney for Brenna and me :-) I will get some pictures posted tomorrow. The French were extremely nice to me on Friday when I traveled by myself with Brenna to Disney (kudos to me for traveling by myself on the train system in Paris with a two year old!!! - and I got on all the right trains). Several gentlemen even carried Brenna's stroller for me up the stairs several times :-)

I'm going to have to get busy getting my pictures labeled with all the sites so that we can look back and know where the pictures were all taken. Brenna wasn't nearly as impressed with Paris landmarks as she was with the teacups at Disney - or the pigeons anywhere in Paris (also the dogs or water). You have to love what entertains a two year old :-) Overall we had a great time and look forward to seeing Paris again in the future (who would have thought we would have a chance to see it several times in a lifetime???)
Take care!