Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15

Hello All!

We had a busy morning so far (and a late start to go with it...) Dustin is out of town until this evening, so poor Justice had to cross his legs until Brenna woke up (which wasn't until 9 this morning as she woke up during the night). We had our Kinder group this morning, so once Brenna was awake, we had to really move to feed and walk the dog, get dressed, and get out the door. We were only a few minutes late, which was pretty good. The kids got to play (Brenna loves that kitchen...) and then they ate waffles. I'm pretty sure that Brenna ate the most of any of the kids - she just kept going back for more, but at least that was pretty much lunch and breakfast. We got back and went to the stores - boy am I tired today - not really feeling too much in the walking mood.

We hope to make it to the store that is kind of like a library today, but their hours aren't very good - only 2 to 6 pm. You have to pay a one time a year fee of 15 Euro, but then you can borrow all kinds of stuff. Brenna went down for her nap at 2, so we will see....

Anyway - since the do was so patient with us this morning - thought I would put a picture of him up today (this was taken at my parents house before we left). He is adjusting well - loves it when we go on long walks, but is o.k. with the short ones too. He loves the landlord here - although he tends to jump all over him (and I usually see the landlord when I have Justice and Brenna - which one do you try to control?) The landlord doesn't seem to mind too much...

Well, take care!


mikaysmom said...

So glad to see that everyone is adjusting well to the move! I know things get really crazy, but I'm glad you are taking time to stop and do some fun things. Very nice picture of Justice, although has he ever taken a bad picture?

Nice to hear about your day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carpenter Family!

Glad to see everything is going well in Germany! We miss seeing all of you and Justice at the Animal Hospital! Keep in touch!!! Take Care!