Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday, October 22

Hello All!!
Another rainy day here in Germany. It rained for the entire day - walking Brenna and the dog - not so much fun :-) I really wished that Dustin would get home on time - but reality is that may never happen (I guess the real question there is what defines on-time)...
We made it out to the stores this morning and then spent the rest of the morning inside. I was able to get Brenna running and dancing around inside to get out some of her energy before nap time which was good. The dog joined the fun and he did pretty well with it :-)
During Brenna's nap today, I finally got my embroidery machine going (yeah!!!) I did a new design from - one of my favorite embroidery sites. Here are a few pictures from our fun :-) I thought I would get the camera out in process - Dustin wasn't too impressed, but I thought they were at least interesting :-) I tried something new with the posting of the pictures - I did a panoramic in Photo shop (of the showing machine and Brenna playing) - hopefully, it won't be too bad on the blog.
We are off to Paris tomorrow - so there may not be a post until Sunday evening. The time changes as well this weekend - we fall back. We all will get to ride the train for the first time :-)

Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

Hey! I think I bought that same pink and brown fabric last weekend to make a new pillowcase for Mikayla's nap pillow at school! The embroidery came out really cute! Looks like Brenna also had a great time playing with the out, you're going to have a future creator on your hands!!!!

What a bummer that it was rainy...and I'm sure it's a bit chilly out as well. Have a blast in PARIS!!!!