Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday, October 29

Hello All -

Another rainy day here in Germany :-( But at least our new rain boots showed up today :-) as well as a package from Dustin's parents :-)
Brenna and I couldn't wait to put them on when we took the dog out for his walk :-) We are certaintly getting all geared up with our new rain hats and boots. I haven't decided yet if it is worth getting Brenna a rain coat. If it is really coming down outside - I try to get her to go in her stroller.
We had Kinder Group this morning - I took Brenna in her Chariot stroller - it was raining pretty good when we left, but at least it was dry on the walk home. The stroller is so big - I had a difficult time "parking" it at the church (where our kinder group is)!! At least Brenna stayed dry! We worked on creating lanterns today at the group - in November or December they will have a parade in the evening where the kids can walk the streets with the lanterns - that should be pretty cute. The group is all making the lanterns that are tigers :-)
Brenna and I are continuing to watch our new Disney movies in German - I'm sure this may get old after awhile, but it feels like this may be helping with my German understanding. Some of the conversation that I hear now seems to be making more sense. I'm still not doing very well at putting sentences together - I know that I need to practice this way more.
Unfortunetly, Dustin did not feel well all evening - but Brenna was her usual silly self :-) Here are our crazy pictures from today - She modeled (a little bit) her new boots :-) She tried to get daddy to wear her new hat, but he was too quick for my digital camera - lol ;-) Gotta love his expression in that one :-)
(I really tried hard to get a picture with her new slippers - Elmo - today, but she only let me take a picture of those when she was sitting on the potty - lol!!)