Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14

Hello All!!!

Things are going well here - Brenna and I have had a relatively quiet day today. I'm really looking forward to Dustin not traveling for the next two weeks though!!! I'm not cut out to be a single parent and I'm much to spoiled with my very good and helpful husband....
We skipped music class today - Brenna didn't sleep well last night and after last week, I didn't want to fight with her on it. So we stayed in and made edible peanut butter playdough (which was much too good for playing with in Brenna's opinion and better to eat :-), watched Mary Poppins and then went over to the grocery store for some needed supplies. I was going to try to get a picture of Brenna playing with the "playdough", but it went much too quickly!! She is definetly a peanut butter fiend like her father :-)
I let Brenna play with her lantern today - so hopefully, you will enjoy the pictures there. She got some dog hair on her hand - and I loved how puffed up her checks were to blow it off :-)
I'm going to try to make a plan of what we will be doing tomorrow sometime today - I think the best right now is the zoo in Stuttgart. It is only about 1 hour drive and fairly inexpensive. Something I looked at this morning (I think it was in a book..) said it was one of the nicest in Europe.
Not too much else to report so far today - the sun is shining and it is a beautiful, chilly day in Germany :-)
Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

Too bad no pictures from the walk! I just think the lantern is really cute. So, what did she have in the metal bowl? I wondered if she was giving the dog some water or something. Edible playdough, how crazy is that? So is it really for playing or eating??? Anyway, she is so cute trying to blow off the dog hair. She is just growing up so quickly. I'm sure you are looking forward to having more time with Dustin around. Yay for a break in traveling! Hope you guys find some fun stuff to do over the weekend!
Love ya!