Friday, November 21, 2008

Saturday, November 22

Hello All!

Well, there is something to be said about snow in the Black Forest - I woke up this morning to find our little village looking like a Christmas post card!!! I'm waiting for Brenna to wake up this morning - I can't wait to see her excitement :-) It almost feels like Christmas morning with how pretty it is, plus all the baking and cooking I did yesterday :-)
I know I always go overboard on making stuff and our friends probably will be overwhelmed by how much stuff I bring, but I just get carried away and my stomach really starts taking over ;-)
I ended up making the following (mind you that there are only going to be like 10 people there today...): homemade banana pudding, yeast rolls, cinnamon cream cheese bars, no bake cookies, and buckeyes. For the last two - the peanut butter was really talking to me... Mmmm-peanut butter and chocolate :-) Anyway, I love a Thanksgiving or Christmas with a ton of food - that does say the holidays to me (no matter how much Weight watchers tries to say - family and visiting - sorry!!)
Well, I will try to get a picture or video up today or tomorrow. No travel pictures from this weekend as we aren't going to be going far ;-) We are definetly looking forward to the Christmas markets opening up next weekend.
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Okay, can we just say overboard!!!! Sounds like you had a fun time baking and making food for your feast! I hope that the day is enjoyable for all of you and your friends that you are celebrating with over there. Was Brenna helpful with all of your creating??? You'll have to let me know how they all liked your goodies!

Miss you!